Authentication credentials were not provided

Posted in General by joannes Sun Dec 03 2017 21:49:01 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·Viewed 631 times

I am using java to integrate instamojo . paymentorderdetailresponse is { "id": "eb40c31ecfbb4b24b956e5c965f28344", "transaction_id": "tid223", "status": "pending", "currency": "INR", "amount": "10.00", "name": "instamojotestname", "email": "", "phone": "+919500003698", "description": "This is a test transaction.", "redirect_url": "", "webhook_url": null, "payments": [], "created_at": "2017-12-03T21:25:01.069917Z", "resource_uri": ""} when i click the resource_uri i am getting the authentication credentials were not provided message. where and how to provide authentication credentials?where can i find my authentication credentials? pls provide the implementation for java in java.
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