How do you integrate this wrapper class for live transaction?

Posted in General by Prashant Ganesh Fri Nov 11 2016 06:14:50 GMT+0000 (UTC)·2·Viewed 836 times

C# wrapper class for instamojo works perfectly. I tested all the controllers through Fiddler. Payment gets created, payment is displayed and everything workds. But how to integrate it with live payment? When I call create payment it does works but I want to test it live by redirecting it to payment gateway page. Please help me with it. Thank you.
Nov 16, 2016

Hi Prashant,

Once the payment request is created using the function createNewPaymentRequest, you will get the CreatePaymentOrderResponse object instance.

From that instance, you can get the payment url like this - CreatePaymentOrderResponse.payment_options.payment_url.

you can simply redirect the user to this url and once the payment is complete, we will redirect back to the url you have given while creating the request.

Hope this solve the issue.


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