Do we need to validate something in order to create a Test account

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Hi, I created a test account (sandbox account) and am trying to use your API in my RoR application. Upon hitting RAP api, am getting "Invalid Auth Token.". Though am setting right auth token. Do I need to do somethng related to verification before I can use your sandbox apis
Nov 17, 2016

below is code snippet which I borrowed from your github post
api =, AppConfig::INSTAMOJO_API_TOKEN)
client = api.client
payment_request = client.payment_request({amount: 100, purpose: 'api', send_email: true, email: '[email protected]', redirect_url: ''})

Nov 18, 2016

Quoting from the docs:

Note: If you're using this wrapper with our sandbox environment
then you should pass '' as third argument to the Instamojo
class while initializing it. API key and Auth token for the same can be obtained from (Details: Test Or Sandbox Account).

Hence, passing '' as third argument to will fix the issue.

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