Invalid JSON primitive: The.

Posted in General by Ravi Anand Sat Mar 18 2017 16:11:28 GMT+0000 (UTC)·3·Viewed 735 times

when i tried to create instance using following line after adding instamojo c# API. i am getting an exception. Instamojo objClass = InstamojoImplementation.getApi("xNEYppU2KmQcl4CXXA4uz3NtZwkhTrI0ESXFvymr", "eEZbE3evwhSpf9mZzxnSBtSbPL44I22fMc4XFMAO8sgBWeC5vQR4SagEax7xOW93LggT94BUAgaESeniI5pMdd4CM4y5fRtlNFvQTGDFXhsdj8Na0XTEp02MSblDZ7iZ", "", ""); Exception message : Invalid JSON primitive: The. any help on this?
June 9, 2017

I am also getting same error.. its 3 month open Instamojo.. what the your development team is doing..

Jayasurya Chiruthanuru
Sep 5, 2017

Check if you are behind a proxy while creating the instance. I had the same issue and resolving the proxy fixed the issue.

anmol sawant
Jan 8, 2019

@jayasurya chiruthanuru
What exactly you mean to say ?
How to resolving proxy?

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