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hi i am using php Api link i have called this function paymentRequestPaymentStatus(id,payment_id); for getting status of payment. But i am getting this error: Error: Something went wrong. cURL raised an error with number: 1 and message: Protocol https not supported or disabled in libcurl. [] How I can fix this?
May 31, 2017


Thanks for writing in. Please include the following lines of code to check what all protocols does your cURL provide:

$values = curl_version();

The error corresponds to your cURL not supporting https. I would suggest you please check the reason as described here:

I would suggest you to delete/uninstall your curl and install it again.

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Saransh Kumar

May 31, 2017

thanks for response. now i have solved that error. but now i get the other error
error is Error: null

shivani srivastava
Sep 15, 2018

i m also getting null error...

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