In which case, the length of `payment_request.payments` (which is list) will be greater than zero?

Posted in General by Tirthesh Ganatra Tue Oct 03 2017 15:51:13 GMT+0000 (UTC)·3·Viewed 262 times

Is it fair to assume that if `allow_repeated_payments` is "false" at the time of making a request - the above-mentioned attribute will always be of length=1?
Oct 4, 2017

It may not always be. There are cases (based on user settings) where the list includes payments that failed or abandoned (not completed).

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Tirthesh Ganatra
Oct 7, 2017

Hi Team,

But will there be only one complete (successful) payment payload in there?

Tirthesh Ganatra
Oct 7, 2017

Also, I want to know will the list be sorted? If yes, what will be the sorting mechanism for this?

Is there any way I can replicate this behavior in the testing environment?

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