About having Instamojo as a payment gateway for the iOS APP

Posted in General by Vijay Kumar Wed Jul 18 2018 18:17:57 GMT+0000 (UTC)·1·Viewed 168 times

Hello, I have developed a travel based iOS App and I would like to receive donations(not an in-app purchase) if users are happy with a service I provided. There is no compulsion on making the payment and its only donation. The target audience is global and the linked bank account would be Indian savings account. The currency in this account will be INR(Rupees). My questions are as follows, 1) Can I use Instamojo as a payment gateway for my above purpose? 2) If I can use as a payment gateway, can I accept the payments globally while i have my linked bank account in INR currency? Please let me know. Thanks, ~Vijay
Vijay Kumar
July 24, 2018

Is someone really available from Instamojo to address the questions asked?

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