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Hi ,i want to know how I can implement marketplace API in android/IOS (with/without using your SDK),because I have a partner account on your portal,also how to handle success and failure redirection in android/IOS
Aug 6, 2018


Using our MarketPlace, you will be able to sign up your sellers on your platform and split the transaction between you and the seller.

In this model, you can specify the amount (either percentage or fixed) commission that you want.

Also, the amount split and the payout to yours and sellers account will be automatically done form our end.

For testing out MarketPlace, please sign up on and share the Email ID with which you have created the account with and I will provide you with the Credentials that you will need for running the MarketPlace model.

Also, please find the MarketPlace API documentation here:

You can mail me/from the registered Email ID on

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