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Instamojo payments work by creating request URLs that can accept payments. Creating a request is as simple as passing an amount and a purpose. This step generates a Payment Request ID.

Once a request is created, you can use the request URL to accept payment in your mobile app, website or application.

Using the Payment Request ID you can display a payment form to your customers. Your customers can choose a payment method of their choice and make a payment. Once payment is made, you will receive a Payment ID.


  • Sign up on Instamojo.
  • Signing up will create an account on Instamojo, from which you can obtain your Client ID and Client Secret (any will work). You will need these to create requests.


You can test all our API endpoints in our Sandbox (Test) Platform. By signing up on our Sandbox platform, you can mock transactions to do end-to-end testing of your Integration flow.

After signing up on our sandbox environment at https://test.instamojo.com/, the Base URL needs to be changed to https://test.instamojo.com/ for all the below-given API calls.

Note that along with the change of the Base URL, you need to use the Client ID and Client Secret that you have obtained from your Sandbox account for making the API calls.

The examples use our production URL.