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The following set of APIs pertains to the Discounts/Coupons section for the Instamojo Online store.

Coupons vs Discount link:

Coupons API allows you to generate coupon codes that any buyer can use on the corresponding merchant's online store. These codes will be available to the buyer at the time of checkout.

Discount API allows you to generate specific links for a product on the corresponding merchant's online store, which can be shared with the buyer(s). When the link is opened, the buyer will be taken to the product page, where the discounted amount will be shown, ie, the discount is already applied to the product.

Scopes (for the access token that is used) required to run these APIs:


Error codes and their meanings :

HTTP CodesHTTP Codes
401 Unauthorized{
"error": "Invalid Client Id"
401 Unauthorized{
"error": "Invalid or expired Client Id Exp"
403 Forbidden{
"error": "Invalid scopes"
404 Not Found{
"error": "Invalid Account Id"